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Hi Everyone, just announcing that I'm now holding Beginner Cupcake Decorating Classes in the Kenmore State School Hall Kitchen. For more information click this link here. If you are looking for blue cupcake liners then we have some in our bright liner pack. Looking for party supplies? please check out our Cupcake Stand page we have some lovely ones in now and the ever popular cardboard disposable stand. Now, if you're new I encourage you to grab a drink and have a good browse around the website. We stock a wide range of cupcake stands, cupcake carriers and all manner of cupcake decorations. You’ll be very surprised at the wide range of cupcake wrappers and cupcake liner and topper sets.

Cupcake City is all about providing a large amount of beautiful products to help turn your own cupcakes into a stunning display for any occasion.

Please follow Cupcake City on Facebook and Twitter for the latest specials and deals, or just join in the fun. I also welcome you to send any suggestions or comments to admin (at) we’d love to hear your thoughts.
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